Mergers & Acquisitions IT Carve-Outs

Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs
Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs
You will achieve a successful IT carve-out using the following key components:

Our focus is on the IT component of the M&A acquisition.  We assist investment firms in conducting a due diligence on the current state of the selling entity’s IT operations.  It is critical for the investment firm to understand the overall health of the technologies as it is for them to understand the business operations.  In many cases, this key component is overlooked by investment firms and it can lead to unexpected surprises with substantial unanticipated costs well after the deal has been signed.

We apply our proprietary methodology developed from our vast experience of carve-outs which permits a rapid separation from the Seller’s entities.  This enables the new organization to quickly move forward with its own operations -- severing ties to the previous company and saving the Buyer millions of dollars.  We prepare the new entity for a steady state operation.  Typical engagements last between 9 and 12 months.  We analyze, execute and deliver!

Our due diligence process considers all IT aspects of the entity being sold or spun off from the parent organization.  This includes the current state of:

We help to determine what stays with the Seller and what transfers with the sale.  Oftentimes, the most common and most overlooked item is what business data stays or goes with the new entity.  Consideration of former entity data retention is also reviewed.

The end results of the due diligence allows us to deliver you a comprehensive report with recommendations of effort needed to help the new entity be self-supportive once disentangled from the Seller.  This vital information provides additional input to help prepare the Transition Service Agreement (TSA) between both parties which is a critical component in the overall deal and pricing of the acquisition.

Our M&A IT Carve-Out Planning and Execution process is indispensable in understanding the status of the technologies and the business operations of the entities involved.  No unexpected surprises or undue costs ensure your investment is protected.

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Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs

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Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs