Serious IT challenges demand you receive high-touch, customized creative solutions.  Working together, your IT concerns will be solved with precision, speed and professionalism.  That’s our promise to you!

      Our unique proprietary methodologies will ensure verified results if:

  • You need help aligning your technology with your strategic business objectives.
  • You are embarking on an M&A IT Carve-Out and know that experienced help is needed.
  • Your technology gaps must be identified and corrected to reduce your firm's risk exposure.
  • You want professional expertise for the successful outcome of an upcoming IT project.
IT Transformation
IT Transformation


Your technology is misaligned with your company’s strategic business objectives adversely impacting your markets and your competitive advantage.

You know your legacy systems need to be replaced.

Certain systems are being underutilized while others are at serious risk for performance issues.

Our IT Transformation solution will optimize overall performance and streamline operations.

You will achieve a competitive edge to meet changing markets and to find new growth opportunities.

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M&A IT Carve-Out

You have concerns about undertaking a required M&A IT carve-out.

Any successful IT carve-out demands a proven process with an experienced team.

All critical components must be understood to avoid unexpected surprises with unanticipated costs.

Our due diligence process considers all IT aspects of the entity involved.

Using our proprietary methodology results in a rapid carve-out separation.

We move quickly and prudently to analyze, execute and deliver. 

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Technology Gaps
Unknown Risks

You know your technology has gaps.

These gaps are leaving you exposed to a range of potential risks that can lead to serious top and bottom-line revenue threats.

Your firm needs a complete and objective technology assessment to provide the metrics and feedback necessary to optimize overall technology utilization.

Our unbiased, comprehensive company-wide IT review includes a “best of breed” strategy development and roadmap that will provide concrete findings and cost-effective solutions to mitigate your technology risks.

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Projects in Jeopardy

Your firm is embarking on a mission-critical IT project and you do not have the required expertise and staff.

You must avoid chaos, missteps and redundancies and you must have the project complete on-time and on-budget.

Our project management team ensures your project requirements are well-defined and well-coordinated.

We remain focused on the alignment of your business objectives and IT initiatives.

Our proven project methodology guarantees that your teams stay informed and on-track eliminating needless frustration.

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IT Transformation

Why Choose Us?

Results! ...from an experienced and savvy tech team that is fast, affordable and personal.

Creative solutions - High-touch, customized and comprehensive for rapid transformation.
Global expertise with proven results from over a decade of solving problems for companies worldwide.
IT solutions designed to align your technology to achieve strategic business initiatives.
Proprietary unique methodologies that consistently deliver verified results for rapid planning and execution. 
IT Transformation

Your Strategic Choice

Worldwide Projects - Global Expertise

Informatik Group (IG) is a full-service consulting and solution provider with an accomplished team of technology professionals.  For over a decade, IG has assisted companies worldwide to effectively align their technology to achieve strategic business initiatives.

Our combined suite of services includes:

  • IT Transformation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions IT Carve-Outs
  • Technology Assessments
  • Enterprise Project Management

Our international experiences and technical expertise provide you assurance in our abilities to meet the demands of any global, multi-site and culturally diverse environment.  These core competencies with our clients, past and present, give you peace of mind in choosing to work with us.

IT Transformation
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IT Transformation