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Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs
Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs
What type of IT Transformation do you need now?

Unsure?  Allow us to do a technology assessment of your current environment.  Our findings will make important and strategic recommendations to guide you in the right direction and our team of experts is available to help you move through the process with the least amount of interruption to your firm and staff.

Our IT Transformation engagements focus on helping enterprises understand and select projects that improve overall IT operations.  The End State result will include one or more of the following:

As the IT planning process begins, your firm’s key stakeholders are included to define the desired End State.  We are keenly aware that once our work is completed, it must be transitioned to operation staff for steady state support.  Including your staff is very important and greatly enhances the knowledge transfer and long-term acceptance of the solution.

Our Current State Assessment (CSA) considers all aspects of IT including:

Once the CSA is completed and identifies the gaps, needs, risks, and requirements necessary to reach the End State, then we work with your key business principals to chart a detailed path between the Current State and End State.  Our deliverable is a Strategy and Roadmap to reach the End State which includes:

The essential value of any IT Transformation is providing you and your firm with the ability to seek new potential markets and to maximize growth opportunities by improving overall IT operations.  

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Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs

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Merger and Acquisition Carve-Outs